Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dhrol Municipality

"Municipal" redirects here. For other uses of the term, see Municipal (disambiguation)
A municipality is an administrative entity composed of a clearly defined territory and its population and commonly denotes a city, town, or village, or a small grouping of them. A municipality is typically governed by a mayor and a city council or municipal council.
Municipalities are not necessarily the same as townships. A municipality is a general-purpose district, as opposed to a special-purpose district.
In most countries, a municipality is the smallest administrative subdivision to have its own democratically elected representative leadership.
In some countries, municipalities are referred to as "communes" (for example, French commune, Italian comune or Swedish kommun). The term derives from the medieval commune. Note that the word has absolutely no implication of communism; rather, the word "communism" derives from the word "commune" because of its striving towards a commune-like society.
The largest municipalities can be found in Canada and Greenland. Most likely the largest municipality is Avernasuaq in Greenland, which is larger than the whole United Kingdom.
In some countries, especially in the Middle East, the term "municipality" is also used to refer to the municipal administrative building known elsewhere as the town hall or city hall.

Dhrol King

Jasoji Hardolji
Bamanyanji Jasoji
Hardholji Bamanyanji Ii
Modji Hardholji
Kaloji Panchanji
Junoji Kaloji
Ketoji Junoji
Kaloji Junoji
Waghji Junoji
Junoji Ii Jaysinhji
Nathoji Junoji
Modji Nathoji
Bhupatsinhji Modji
1845– 1886 : Jaisinhji Bhupatsinhji
1886- 1914 : Harisimhji Jaisimhji
1914– 1937 : Daulatsimhji Harisimhji
1937: Dipsinhji Daulatsinhj
1937 – 1939 : Jorawarsinhji Dipsinhji
1939-1947: Chandrasinhji Dipsinhji

Battle Of Bhuchar Mori Ground at Dhrol

In the days of 1550 to 1600. very terrific battle was fought at Dhrol. the place called "Bhucharmori". The Battle was between The King of Jamnagar Maharaja Ajajam and The emperor of Delhi The Akbar.The Battle was fought for one person that was a criminal of Akbar and came at Jamnagar for Protection. At that day there were a Marriage of Maharaj Ajajam. and the Huge Army of Akbar came for fight at Dhrol...The Maharaja Ajajam also went for fought . he fought bravely and at last laid down their lives.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dhrol Darbari Stemp

DHROL Superstitions

Superstitions are well alive in political world, when every effort fails superstition takes its turn.Dhrol is always known the infamous "Samu Gaam" (Village on the opposite side) for Jamnagari's, people here do not name the town, they think its not so good feeling to utter the name of this town (Like You-Know-Who ??).

Dhrol town has earned a notorious superstitious reputation, even in political areas. Today nobody wants to campaign at Dhrol, guess - it is supposed to be unlucky. Locals says that in 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency just after addressing a rally in Dhrol. Later in 1985 CM Madhavsinh Solanki addressed a rally , and soon he had to make way for Amarsinh Chaudhary. Modern day election campaing are wrapped up in Superstitions, right from timing of nomination filing, campaing kick off everything is drived by prospourous timings / Muhurta.